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Printable version of the Long Lane Medical Centre 'Information for Patients' booklet

Long Lane Medical Centre Complaints Procedure

Long Lane Medical Centre Complaints Procedure (3rd Party)

Long Lane Medical Centre Confidentiality Policy

Long Lane Medical Centre Printable A4 location map

October 2020 GMS contract

IPC Guidance

Long Lane Medical Centre Newsletter Issue #1


Care Quality Policy

Data protection policy

Direct Care Policy Notice 

Practice Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice - Data Protection

Privacy Notice – National screening programs

Privacy Notice – NHS Digital

Privacy Notice – Payments

Privacy Notice - Public Health

Privacy Notice - Research

Privacy Notice - Safeguarding

Privacy Notice – Summary Care Record

Privacy Notice – Accurx Chain

Privacy Notice – Edenbridge

Privacy Notice – Medi2Data

Privacy Notice - GP's as Employers

GP Long Lane 2020 Earnings


SC2 Self Certification form
For absences for seven days or less, you do not need a certificate from the doctor. Ask any receptionist for a self-certification form (SC2) or download a printable version available below. If your employer requires evidence of sickness for periods of less then seven days, you should ask the doctor for a private certificate, for which a fee will be charged.

FP95 Prescription Pre-payment Certificate application form
You may be able to save money on the cost of your prescriptions. Read the FP95 form for more information.

Help with Health Costs

See if you could get help with paying for your prescriptions


Fazakerley Community Federation & Library

For help with advice or help with food and a range of other things, get help within the community. Read more...

Liverpool Carers Emergency Card Scheme

For an information leaflet for this scheme please follow this link. Liverpool Carers Emergency Card Scheme