Repeat prescriptions

For repeat prescriptions, you will now have to register on You may have already registered for online appointments, if you have please use the same user ID. Any problems, contact reception on 476 2460. We can fax prescriptions to the local chemists for the househould patients only. Please allow two working days to turn around your order, and put the name of the chemist in the comment box.

Guide to Obtaining repeat Prescriptions

  1. Antibiotics will not be issued without seeing, or discussion with, a doctor.
  2. Please allow 48 hours for repeat prescriptions to be issued.
  3. Only medication which appears on computer as a repeat medicine can be issued by a receptionist.
  4. Where there is doubt about a request for medication i.e. ordering too early, the request may be rejected, you will need to log back in using your user ID to check this.
  5. Repeat prescriptions will be issued for 28 days. All repeat prescriptions are reviewed after 12 months. You may be asked to see a doctor or nurse before your medication is re-authorised.
  6. If medication is changed (e.g.) following hospital admission, we will need to confirm this change and a doctor will need to authorise this on computer. To enable this to be problem-free bring all bottles and packets with you.